YUMA und Kaufhaus 2022 – immero


The immero holding determines itself as a developer, investment boutique and portfolio manager of opportunistic and value-add properties as well as family office. The companycovers the entire value chain of a commercial property.

In increasingly narrow and non-transparent markets, we effectively and consistently take advantage of attractive opportunities and are thus able to realize arbitrage. We are pursuing aboth opportunistic and long-term, value-oriented investment approach.
Our high quality network, our strong reliability, our specialized know-how and financial strength distinguish us.   The Immero Holding brings Entrepreneurship and has extensive expertise. Thus, we are able to identify trends early on and respond optimally to an ever-changing market. In this context, we do not act as a service provider but exclusively as owners and on our own balance sheet. Defined and efficient processes, experienced teams and quick decision processes guarantee fast reactions, a reliable partnership and high transaction security.

We have a strong claim to optimally design „Risk and Return“.

The concerns and the satisfaction of our tenants always have priority.


We have the distinct claim to get „Risk and Return“ in perfect condition.

Regarding this matter, the concerns and the satisfaction of our tenants always have priority.

Key Figures

The immero Group has approximately 135,000 letted square meters on its own balance sheet (under management and control)

The management team has a € 1 billion track record and decades of experience in the real estate industry.

Core Team

Dr. Carsten Schäfer

Founder and CEO / immero-Group

Uwe Schäfer

Head of Development & Acquisitions

Julian Poppel

Head of Asset & Investment Management

Tobias Görlich

Accounting & Property Management

Florian Martin

Head of Sales

Philipp Rüger

Facility & Property Management

Karina Schäfer

Executive Management, HR Management, Business organization