YUMA Managed Apartments

Furnished apartments with a long stay focus
Top design
Premium equipment
High-Quality real estate
Modern and digitally managed
Managed commercial property
More reasonable monthly rent than with conventional products
No statutory rental price regulation

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For investors and buyers

With YUMA you receive real estate of new-build quality in an attractive location in a German major city. Our apartment buildings are constructed in innovative modular style, highest standart conventional design or first-class, renovated existing buildings. The properties are equipped to a very high standard and fulfil high requirements of design. Construction time is short, so that there are no long waiting times between the decision to invest and handover of the finished asset.

Letting and property management is organised digitally.

Stable cash flow is demonstrated at the time of handover of the asset.

You acquire the YUMA system, which has a positive effect on your returns. Our modern and digital management of the properties means you receive a carefree package.

The Commercial building permits are not subject to any restrictions in terms of rental prices.

YUMA residents are businesspeople and professionals.

YUMA apartments can be used for sleeping, living or working in.

Our innovative raisable bed transforms the apartment as required.

YUMA Managed Apartments create the supply for the increasing demand for temporary accommodation for the corresponding target groups in urban locations.

Basically, YUMA projects are characterized by the following features:

  • Apartments approx. 25 m² including bathroom
  • Commercial accommodation with long-stay focus
  • Digital rental management system for the purchaser (carefree package)
  • Secured cash flow
  • Residential-like risk profile without the disadvantages of rental market regulation
  • Managed commercial property
  • Short and efficient construction times through modular and/or conventional design and consistent new-build quality standard or existing properties in new-build quality
  • Premium real estate and high-quality equipment, high standard of design
  • Urban locations in German cities

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